Rebecca Levin, MD

Fellow Spotlight

Cherry Hill, NJ
University of Rochester
Medical School:
Boston University School of Medicine
University of Chicago
Academic Interests: 

I’m hoping to have an academic career in PEM with a focus on quality improvement, and am enrolled in the MPH program at the Brown University School of Public Health. I’m working on a quality improvement curriculum for fellows. I go to departmental quality meetings, and am fortunate to be mentored by the quality directors for the pediatric and adult emergency departments. I’m also working on a project (with my spectacular co-fellow Hoi See) to analyze COVID-19 results and symptomatology for pediatric patients presenting to emergency departments in Rhode Island.

Why I love PEM at Brown

The people are a welcoming, good-humored, eclectic bunch filled with a diverse array of academic interests and personal hobbies. I look forward to each of my shifts because of the people I work with. The patients are diverse, and I particularly love getting to speak Spanish on a daily basis. I was also attracted to Brown because of the program’s thoughtfully designed academic tracks and emphasis on fostering our academic interests.

Why I love Rhode Island

Like most people, I make my geographic decisions based off of a program’s proximity to jugglers and intramural hockey teams, and I’m happy to report I live close to both of these essentials! I am also a proud, unpaid, and unsolicited sponsor of Aleppo Sweets, a Syrian restaurant and bakery in Providence.

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