Sakina Sojar, MD

Fellow Spotlight

Buffalo, NY
Boston College
Medical School:
Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University at Buffalo
Massachusetts General Hospital
Academic Interests: 

Medical Devices, Health Technology, Engineering, Digital Applications

My fellowship research project focuses on a novel type of bag valve mask device that allows a single provider to use a two handed seal. We are collecting tidal volume data using high fidelity simulation mannequins to compare the new device to the standard bag valve mask. I am also working on a project in the COVID era addressing dual patient, single ventilator protocols. Our team has worked to create 3D printed modifications into the respiratory circuit to individualize peak pressures, positive end expiratory pressure, and fraction of inspired oxygen for an individual patient when two are connected to a single ventilator. 

Why I love PEM at Brown

The abundance of resources to achieve anything you want to. My clinical and academic mentors come from pediatric emergency medicine, emergency medicine, and the school of engineering at Brown University.

Why I love Rhode Island

The food scene. I love eating at all the local restaurants that do many fusions of various cultures. Many of the restaurants here have rotating menus based on the ingredients that are available for the month. Everything is fresh and oh so delicious.

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